Success doesn’t have one face
and it doesn’t have one path.

Discover your way by first discovering YOU

Moore Ways to Success:

The start to understanding and embracing YOUR way to educational, vocational and professional success.

What We Do

Vocational Rehabilitation

We help individuals with a variety of disabilities get back or establish work in a competitive employment setting.

Education Enrichment

We use a unique learning technique to help students on all academic levels strengthen their deficits and restore academic confidence.

Transition Counseling

We help youth with disabilities and their families as they seek post-secondary educational and vocational opportunities.

Vocational Rehabilitation

As Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors, we are trained to work with individuals of diverse backgrounds with a variety of physical, mental, intellectual and developmental disabilities who are looking to return to competitive employment or establish work in a competitive employment setting, including:


  • Comprehensive Vocational Assessments
  • Interests Examinations
  • Transferable Skills Assessments
  • Career/Vocational Planning and Counseling
  • Job Exploration and Goal Setting
  • Resume Writing and Application Assistance
  • Return to Work Coordination
  • Technology Training
  • Job/ Vocational Placement

Education Enrichment

Moore Ways to Success takes a unique approach to academic enrichment and does not focus on the perfection of one subject but provides the necessary skills for students to enhance their learning experience in every subject.

We are not a traditional tutoring service and we do not provide academic services in the same manner or setting of a traditional classroom. Our proven technique of finding a student’s deficits and teaching them the skills to strengthen their area of deficit helps restore academic confidence and provides the key to learning success. Ask about our 100% Guarantee “SmashBox” Learning Technique.

Services include:

  • Academic Enrichment
  • All-Subject Reinforcement
  • Essay Writing Assistance
  • Educational Planning and Organization
  • Project Organization & Assistance
  • Goal Setting
  • College Entrance Examination Training
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Study Skills Assistance
  • Contemporary Learning Techniques
  • Interest-Focused Learning

Transitional Counseling

We offer vocational rehabilitation services that are specifically directed toward and designed for youth with disabilities and their families. Services are aimed at providing post-secondary educational and vocational opportunities for youth with disabilities as they are defined under the Workforce Innovation Act (WIOA) (section 7(42) of the Act and §361.5(c)(58)).


  • Educational & Vocational Planning
  • Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Resume Writing/ Application Assistance
  • Work Skill Building (Soft Skill Development)
  • Assessments and Evaluations
  • Disability Counseling
  • Job Counseling & Job Placement
  • Internship Coordination
  • Job Development and Job Coaching
  • Pre-Employment Transition Services
  • Independent Living/ Social Skills Training
  • Work-Based Learning

The Story

Everyone has a story and every story begins with a story. Danielle is a believer of this concept and believes all stories are important and that if we would just listen more to eachother’s stories empathy wouldn’t be so scarce

I was teaching Middle school and as most middle school teachers,trying to understand student’s difficulty in completing homework assignments. Because I had developed such a rapport with my students and created a space for authenticity, I would often ask and not tell. I asked a student one day, “are you ever going to come in here with homework” His reply: “probably not; I don’t care about homework; I’m in school because I have to be. As soon as I’m old enough I’m dropping out. I will learn cars like my family; work in the shop that my dad owns and in two years, I’ll be making more money than you.”

In that moment I realized; if learning is not practical students will never make it personal and although I knew I had something valuable to offer him, if I couldn’t make it relevant he would never embrace it. I was no longer going to assume that all students were or should be on the same path nor teach them that there was only one road to success.

I adopted this theory from this student and applied it to all individuals, birthing Moore Ways to Success LLC.

Meet the Team

Michelle Perry

CRC, Rehabilitation Counselor/Vocational Expert

Bernitta Williams

CRC, Rehabilitation Counselor/Vocational Expert

Brittany Atwater

CRC, Rehabilitation Counselor/Vocational Expert

Siedah Miller

LCMHCA, Associate Therapist/Wellness Partner

Devinia Knight

Office Manager/Trainer

Lakita Miller

Payroll Specialist

Danielle Moore

LCMHCA, Associate Therapist/Owner

Michael Moore

Media & Marketing

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