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Danielle helps people become the best version of themselves. As she puts it, she “specializes in people and is educated, licensed, and certified in helping you handle that, get out of there, and receive this.”





your favorite THERAPIST






your favorite THERAPIST

Danielle’s Story

Some would say that Danielle’s first love is people and her second love is helping them. As an only child, Danielle’s desire for seeing the best in people extends beyond wanting to share a life with siblings and it’s easily seen in her life and career choices. Danielle started working with little people when she was just a little person, volunteering in daycares as early as 13.

In 2005 Danielle owned and operated a daycare at only 21 years old. She began her career in education in 2007 as a Middle school Language Arts teacher and taught for over a decade, in middle school, high school and on the collegiate level before becoming a licensed therapist and opening her private practice. Before age 30 she had owned and operated 3 businesses and all of them were focused on and geared toward the development of people.

In 2022 Danielle launched the Era OF thERApy, a brand dedicated to reminding all people that the time is now and time for You is never wasted time.

Famous Danielle-isms

I often tell my clients “If I can make it practical and relatable, I can make it relevant” therefore I find that I often speak in riddles or analogies based upon experiences we discuss in sessions.

These analogies have become known as our Danielle-isms. My clients’ experiences consistently inspire new ones, but here are a few…

Relationships are like mirrors, not windows. They should be used to show you YOU.

Stop paying attention to everything moving on the court; focus on your shot, because the Goal don’t move.

Refrain from cutting down perfectly healthy trees just because they are not equipped to bear the fruit that you want at that time!

Emotions are meant to be felt, not controlled.

What don’t kill you doesn’t make you stronger; it didn’t kill you BECAUSE you’re already strong.

The most dangerous place to live is in someone else’s head.

The past is a great place to learn but a horrible place to live; let’s get in and get out quickly.

What makes you different?

I am not a Cookie Cutter Counselor!   I am not an accurate representative of your average image of a therapist.  What I say to all potential clients: “If you are looking for a therapist who sits nicely in a chair with a notepad and pen, asking “how do you feel about that” while they nod and agree… you have come to the wrong place.  I am not She and She is not Me!

What makes me unique:

  1. I am a Goal Oriented therapist; we don’t just talk we set goals and anticipate movement
  2. I challenge your thoughts; not combatively but in an effort to break debilitating cycles
  3. I don’t lead, I guide; this is not My session it’s Yours; I facilitate



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